Labor Doula Support

How would it feel to have someone wholeheartedly support you to have the birth experience YOU want?

Someone who is nonjudgmental, understands your birth wishes, and CHALLENGES you to have that experience, because you deserve it.

In our initial meeting, we will educate you and discuss to understand YOUR wishes for YOUR birth experience. We will make sure you understand your rights, all of your options, and that you get the care you deserve.

We are your go-to person if you have any questions and/or concerns during your pregnancy and labor; we can help explain what is going on in a way you can understand.

We will help support you physically and emotionally from the moment you start having contractions until you’re holding your baby in your arms.

Let us help create a peaceful atmosphere for when your baby enters the world

Postpartum Care Doula Support

What would it feel like if you could have support from the first night you come home until baby is 1 month old?

3 months old? 6 months old?

Having a baby is life-changing and we can help make that transition as peaceful and stress-free as possible.

We understand the normal changes that may occur postpartum and can identify when additional help may be warranted by health care providers. You might feel overwhelmed and that is okay.

Let us help you transition to life with a new baby!

We could take care of baby so you can spend time with an older sibling, take a walk, or nap! Maybe you want us to stay overnight and care for baby so you can rest to be able to take best care of baby + siblings during the day.

Postpartum care looks different for each family, based on desires/needsWhether it’s light housekeeping or meal preparation, to running to the store while you nurse your little one, we can help!



From the moment you find out you will be a parent, you have a natural desire to do what’s best for baby. We know how much that entails and we would love to help support your family, from the moment you find out up until months after baby is born

How would you feel if you could have natural/holistic support for your pregnancy concerns? Maybe you’re looking for safe, natural remedies for nausea, anxiety, a UTI or coldOr you realize and want additional support postpartum for depression or PTSD?

Whether you are trying to get pregnant or are months along, we can help, naturally!


*Lina is also a Naturopathic Doctor and can safely support you during your pregnancy. She will ensure you are taking professional grade/quality supplements to support you and baby during pregnancy and postpartum. For more information, visit: