Lina Washington


Hey there! My name is Lina. I am a labor and postpartum doula. I primarily help women with past traumatic birth experiences create new birth experiences where they feel empowered and as in control of their experience as possible.

My desire is for you to have the birth experience you desire. I understand things can change in labor and your plan may change. I will support and challenge you to have the experience you want, until you say otherwise or if your/your baby’s health is in danger.

If at any point your birth plan changes, I will make sure you are well-informed/aware of your options, the course of action, potential outcomes, and that you are as comfortable as possible. We can talk through any concerns, feelings of anger, fear, anxiety, etc. you might have.

I would be honored to walk with you every step of your journey. I won’t take the place of anyone else you would want to be a part. I love helping to incorporate partners and family members by showing ways they can support and be involved. I also love being present in the natural, peaceful space loved ones can bring.

While not serving as a doula, I am also a wife, mother of two wonderful girls, and a Naturopathic Doctor. I enjoy all of my roles thoroughly. It gives me joy to empower women and welcome babies into the world. I love being a part of the whole process i.e. helping women get pregnant, supporting during and after pregnancy, and especially labor! It’s such a beautiful experience. It is an honor for me to serve you and for you to share such an intimate moment of your life with me.