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PPD, what is it?!

September 9, 2019

You might have seen or heard PPD as an abbreviation for postpartum depression, but for this blog we are going to be sharing about PostPartum Doulas!

Have you heard of them? What exactly do they do?

I personally had NO IDEA these ANGELS existed and wish I had one when I had my two girls.

PostPartum care looks different for each family based on desires/needs, but these doulas really become an extension of your family. PostPartum care could start the moment your baby is in your arms, the day you come home from the hospital, a week after you come home…YOU decide!

Maybe you need someone to care for baby during the day while you work from home or so you can pick up a sibling + attend extracurricular activities. Maybe you just need a nap or help preparing easy meals or snacks for the week, so you can have more time to care for yourself, new baby, and family. We want to not only help take care of baby, but of you, too!

It’s so natural for us to care for everyone else and forget to care for ourselves. Let us take care of baby so you can practice self-care! Drink your cup of coffee while reading your book of the month, go for a walk and listen to your favorite podcast, take a nap or a bubble bath, whatever your heart desires <3

We could provide overnight infant care so you can rest peacefully knowing your baby is receiving the best care. We can also help with sleep shaping to help introduce and establish structure, so the whole family can function in order. You might need help with infant feeding or breastfeeding and guess what?! We can help troubleshoot and/or provide resources where you can get additional help! We are not medical professionals, but we can help identify what’s normal from what’s not normal that would call for medical attention by your provider(s).

How does any of this sound to you? Would you love to have this kind of support when your newborn arrives? Do you have any questions?

Contact us today to discuss what postpartum care could look like for you/your family! <3

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