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Meet Our Team!

July 1, 2019

Hi everyone! My name is Lina 🙂 I am the owner of Peace Family Doulas! I am a labor + postpartum doula, as well as a Naturopathic Doctor.

Ever since having my first daughter, I have wanted to help women have a better labor/birth experience than I had. Although things happen all the time that lie out of our control, there is a certain level of preparation and peace you can have when those things do happen. I want to provide that peace, education, and care to help you embrace whatever comes your way.

I considered going into OB/GYN, but I knew I wanted to serve in a different role. I love providing the invaluable education about everything pregnancy, labor, birth, babies, and postpartum! I also enjoy providing emotional and physical support during labor and postpartum. It is so amazing to witness women dig deep and embrace the power we already have within each one of us!

While not serving as a doula and doctor, I am also a wife + mother of two wonderful girls. I enjoy all of my roles thoroughly. Traveling, trying new foods, and music makes my heart happy <3 Other roles I may pursue in the future: wedding planner and flight attendant 🙂

Hi! My name is Rebecca Brown; Pastor’s wife and mother of 2 girls (Charlee- 3 // Lilly- ALMOST 2).

I went to college to become a teacher and right out of college I got my first teaching job, which I did for 6 years, working in special education. When I became a mom, I continued working full-time and I recognized how natural it was for me to be a teacher, create routine/structure with my kids, AND be a good mom.

I knew I wanted to help women prepare for motherhood and help them through labor, birth, and postpartum as a Doula! Now I get to help support mothers as they prepare for motherhood during pregnancy and help guide them to having the birth of their dreams!

In my free time, I spend a lot of time doing ministry with my husband and serving in our church. I enjoy getting lunch and coffee with people multiple times a week because I value relationships. My husband and I love getting breakfast together, going to the movies, and hosting people in our home. Also, decorating for Fall and Christmas are our absolute favorite things in the world! As a family, we love taking our girls to the park, watching them play dress up, and taking them to experience new things!

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